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In what country are square watermelons popular?

 1 : Introduction to the question “In what country are square watermelons popular?
…1. Canada 2. Japan 3. Russia 4. Greece

answer for the question In what country are square watermelons popular? is :

Japan – Move over, round watermelons — square watermelons are now a thing, at least in Japan. And they actually aren’t that difficult to grow. Like some other fruits and vegetables, watermelons can be shaped as they grow by limiting their space. Growing them in crates or boxes makes them cubical, which makes them easier to stack and ship. The square watermelons were also designed to fit better inside Japanese refrigerators, which tend to be small. They are popular as gifts in Japan, especially during the summer gift-giving season. Japan has also exported them to other countries, where the novelty factor is high — according to USA Today, they were recently selling for as much as $860 per watermelon at high-end markets in Moscow.:

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