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What did people often say for photos before “cheese”?

 1 : Introduction to the question “What did people often say for photos before “cheese”?
…1. Mint 2. Prunes 3. Asparagus 4. Wine

answer for the question What did people often say for photos before “cheese”? is :

Prunes – It has become an automatic reflex to throw up a peace sign or say “cheese” when someone points a camera in your direction. While we modern folks enjoy flashing a wide smile for a photo, the first Victorian photos were the opposite. Social decorum dictated a small, carefully controlled mouth; so, when Richard Beard, Britain’s first portrait photographer, began taking family portraits, he allegedly told his clients to say “prunes.” While some historians speculate that this stern or unsmiling look centered around the need for decorum, it could have also had a practical reason, too. With advanced dental care now available, modern humans have very little holding them back from showing off a set of pearly whites, but the Victorians did not have the same luxuries and may have been more reluctant to show their teeth, especially since photographs were expensive and they couldn’t hundreds snapped in a single session. Also — and most practically — taking a photo was a long ordeal back in the day, and holding a smile might have become painful.:

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