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What is the oldest building in New York City?

 1 : Introduction to the question “What is the oldest building in New York City?
…1. Old Quaker Meeting House, Queens 2. Fraunces Tavern, Manhattan 3. Conference House, Staten Island 4. Wyckoff House, Brooklyn

answer for the question What is the oldest building in New York City? is :

Wyckoff House, Brooklyn – New York City began on the island of Manhattan, where Dutch settlers began building a city they called New Amsterdam on land inhabited by Native Americans. Other settlements grew around New York City, including Brooklyn (once a separate city), which grew nearly as large as New York itself. Many of Manhattan’s oldest buildings have been lost, though the city does have a few original structures remaining, including the Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan, a restaurant built in 1719. But the oldest building left standing in the city is in Brooklyn. The Wyckoff House (or Wyckoff Farm) is a humble structure that dates all the way back to 1642!:

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