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Where can you explore this underground river?

 1 : Introduction to the question “Where can you explore this underground river?
…1. Palawan, The Philippines 2. Ko Mak, Thailand 3. Nusa Penida, Indonesia 4. Apia, Samoa

answer for the question Where can you explore this underground river? is :

Palawan, The Philippines – Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is about 47 miles from Palawan’s capital, but the excursion is definitely worth the trip. Declared an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, the national park features impressive cave systems towering over the navigable underground river. Considered one of the longest underground rivers in the world at a little over five miles long, the subterranean park can be explored by paddleboat, with caves on either side featuring limestone karst landscapes, intact old-growth forests, and a full mountain-to-sea ecosystem that provides a rich habitat for biodiversity conservation.:

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