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Where does the Pan-American Highway begin and end?

 1 : Introduction to the question “Where does the Pan-American Highway begin and end?
…1. British Columbia to Brazil 2. Alaska to Argentina 3. Mexico to Chile 4. Alaska to Peru

answer for the question Where does the Pan-American Highway begin and end? is :

Alaska to Argentina – The world’s longest road, the Pan-American Highway stretches from Alaska all the way to the southern tip of Argentina. That covers about 19,000 miles and passes through 14 countries — so if you’re planning a transcontinental road trip, you’ll want to have a good playlist ready. The North and South American highway system was initially intended to be a single highway route from Laredo, Mexico to Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, a network of highways sprung from it, extending the route through North America to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and south to Ushuaia, Argentina. A 60-mile stretch of the road remains incomplete. Known as the Darién Gap, this area covers a dangerous rainforest between Colombia and Panama and cannot be traversed using a conventional vehicle. :

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