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Which city’s nickname is “The Big Smoke”?

 1 : Introduction to the question “Which city’s nickname is “The Big Smoke”?
…1. New York 2. Manila 3. London 4. Copenhagen

answer for the question Which city’s nickname is “The Big Smoke”? is :

London – It might not seem very smoky now, but there’s a good reason London earned the nickname “The Big Smoke” (or “The Old Smoke”). In the 19th century, the British capital was home to “pea souper” fogs that choked the city in gray and black — a result of air pollution, principally caused by burning coal as fuel. The “Big Smoke” nickname first appears in an 1874 dictionary of slang. Smoky conditions persisted through the 1950s, until the introduction of the 1956 Clean Air Act finally cleaned up the city. After that, only “smokeless fuels” could be burned in towns and cities, leaving a far fresher London to go in search of new monikers.:

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