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Which sport is called “soccer baseball” in Canada?

 1 : Introduction to the question “Which sport is called “soccer baseball” in Canada?
…1. Football 2. Kickball 3. Dodgeball 4. Softball

answer for the question Which sport is called “soccer baseball” in Canada? is :

Kickball – Growing up, you may have played a variety of games on the playground during recess or P.E. class at school, such as handball, tetherball, four square, or hopscotch (to name a few). Well, one schoolyard mainstay, kickball, is also beloved in Canada, but it goes by another name — “soccer baseball.” Why soccer baseball? Well, many of the same rules in soccer and baseball exist in kickball. The same goal of sending a ball away from home plate and running around a diamond of bases still applies — except, you don’t hit a small, hard ball with a bat.:

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