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Which state was NOT named after a British monarch?

 1 : Introduction to the question “Which state was NOT named after a British monarch?
…1. Georgia 2. Virginia 3. North Carolina 4. New Jersey

answer for the question Which state was NOT named after a British monarch? is :

New Jersey – Unsurprisingly, many of the early colonies were named after British monarchs. In 1584, Queen Elizabeth I gave explorer Sir Walter Raleigh permission to colonize Virginia, and in turn, he named it in her honor, as the unmarried monarch was sometimes called, “The Virgin Queen.” The Carolinas were named for King Charles II, who had gifted the land south of Virginia to a group of noblemen in 1663. (Carolina comes from the Latin word “Caroliinus,” which in turn is derived from the name “Carolus” — translation: Charles.) When the colony of Georgia was established in 1732, it was named for King George II, at his request. New Jersey has a slightly different story. When King Charles II divided the former Dutch territory of New Netherland, the area between the Delaware and Hudson rivers was granted to Sir George Carteret and Sir John Berkeley. They named it the Province of New Jersey in memory of Carteret’s birthplace, the British Channel Island of Jersey.:

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