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Who invented the ballpoint pen?

 1 : Introduction to the question “Who invented the ballpoint pen?
…1. Thomas Edison 2. Edward Ball 3. László Bíró 4. Marcel Bich

answer for the question Who invented the ballpoint pen? is :

László Bíró – László Bíró was born in Hungary and worked as a journalist and surrealist painter. He had the idea for a writing implement that would hold a supply of fast-drying ink to replace the messy fountain pen and blotting paper. After looking at earlier designs that never caught on and engaging the help of several colleagues, Bíró created the first ballpoint pen in 1931. When the president of Argentina learned of the invention, he invited Bíró to set up a company there. Bíró relocated to Argentina and died there in 1985. In the U.K., many call ballpoint pens “biros.” :

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